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Normalizes Breastfeeding

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Got Best Milk?

Best Milk children's book is a

thoughtfully written & engaging

educational tool.

Best Milk is designed to easily

create a comfortable dialog for

adults (e.g., parents, grandparents,

teachers, etc.) to introduce

breastfeeding as the normal feeding

method for babies.

When Dads or Grandparents read

Best Milk to the

soon-to-be older siblings,

an atmosphere of support is created

for the expecting mother.

The realistic

illustrations also offer ideas to

incorporate breastfeeding

conveniently into everyday life.

3 ethnic versions:

- Light Hair/Skin Version


- Dark Hair/Skin Version

(Black/African American/Native)

- Hispanic/Latino

(Bilingual - Spanish/English)

Let's Educate

All children deserve to be educated

and aware of normal feeding.

Education can happen at home

as well as places like: 

  • Daycare Centers,
  • Elementary Classrooms,
  • Dentists' Offices,
  • Clinic Waiting Rooms,
  • WIC, etc.,

The more we talk about

breastfeeding, see

breastfeeding, and

support breastfeeding,

the sooner our culture

will once again,

embrace breastfeeding

as the normal choice.

- Kate (creator of Best Milk)

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